Friday, November 20, 2015

FF - Ainsworth Noah Cabin Update

Hi there,

While researching the Ainsworth Noah cabin this week, I came upon this image of their cabin living room from 2012 here.

You would never know it was the same living room from yesterday, but it appears to be.  It certainly appears to have 32 ft. ceilings and the large living room sofa is the same style (with rolled arms) as the blue sofa from yesterday.  So, it seems they covered all the natural stone with wood and painted everything white.

With the velvet sofa, animal print chairs, white walls, folk art, floral (or is it toile - can't quite make it out) drapes and gilt framed artwork, it's a completely different look.  Much more traditional, but equally as relaxed and welcoming.  Just lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

TBT - Ainsworth Noah Cabin

Hi Everyone,

I hope you don't tire of my cabin posts.  This should be the last one for awhile, but I wanted to share this beautiful home in - guess where? - Cashiers, North Carolina!!  Remember here and here?  So, Toby West, Ainsworth and Noah were neighbors with the late Charles Faudree who also had a cabin here and who decorated the home I featured in 'Cabin Fever'.  Apparently, this mountain area is a haven for other decorators, too.

It's a small world and a an awful lot of talent in these hills.

So, Hal Ainsworth and Winton Noah, who at the time of this publication, owned the largest space at the Atlanta Decorating and Design Centre, a condo in Atlanta, and an apartment in Paris decided to build this log home as their weekend getaway.

With it's massive 32-foot ceilings in the entrance hall and the living room, they needed large scale furnishings to make the spaces cozy and welcoming.  As an example, the living room sofa is 109" long and 46" deep.  The doorways are 8' tall.

Since they regularly travelled to Europe 6 - 8 times a year for their valued finds and clearly had lots of great pieces to choose from, they then proceeded to fill their home with a collection of antiques, folk art, twig and willow furniture - all complemented by the homey touches of quilts, toiles, plaids and checks.  All just beautiful.

But, the biggest surprise of all was the white shiplapped and beamed guest room with blue and white decor!  At first, I thought there were some pages missing from the magazine and that I was looking at another story, but, no it was all part of the well as another white walled guest room and games room.

Quite a partnership these two have considering that Ainsworth was quoted as saying in the article that "I can decorate and Hal can't add"!  Obviously, they work as a tandem team and fill in the voids for one another as needed.


They have three wraparound porches.

The very big sofa I mentioned.

Hal's bedroom with a Niermann Weeks bed and Carleton Varney toile.

Winton Noah's bed is made from local wood.

And this is the surprise - love the shiplap walls and painted beams.  Also, the blue and white is just lovely.

Another guest room with patchwork and plaids.

 Games room.

The back porch.

July - August 2001

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pining for Plaids

The weather is getting colder by the day and that has me thinking of warm woolly blankets and cozy interiors - and what is warmer and cozier than the sight of plaids and tartans.

Let's see what's out there and how we can whip up a little winter atmosphere!

 Anthony Baratta

Anthony Baratta

 Betsy Speert

Gary Riggs

Scott Meacham Wood




Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren


Worthingcourt Blog


Content in a Cottage

Williams Sonoma

 Country House Interiors

And if you're a home sewer, here's a great do-it-yourself project to add to your home.

SaltandPepperMoms Blog


I've attempted to find something for everyone, young and old, vignettes, whole rooms, blankets, lampshades, books and of course, your best friend with it's little dog coat.

You can go all out with the plaids and tartans or just go with a touch of it - it's a wonderful addition to any room.  And that beautiful, decadent throw would be so easy to make with a wool blanket and some faux fur.............just saying!  It's a thought for my hubby's Christmas gift!  

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Cuthbert House

Here we are again, as promised, with another of Furlow Gatewood's wonderful homes on his Georgia compound that I featured last week here.

Enjoy and have a great day!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Moodboard Monday - Pink and Cocoa Inspiration

Anthony Baratta

Anthony Baratta

 Donatella Versace Foyer

Donatella Versace Living Room

Bunny Mellon's Living Room - AD

Barry Dixon

Mary McDonald

 Betsey Johnson living room

Bunny Williams


 Niagara Novice Blog

Stephen Shubel

Anne Hepfer



Christian LaCroix

I couldn't resist this image - beautiful Princess Grace





Sir John Lavery

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

John Singer Sargent

Giovani Boldini

Lauren Dunn

Fernando Botero

Ira Yeager


Ariane Beigneaux