Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Painted Floors

I am loving the idea of painted floors these days.  It's my next project in our kitchen and I plan to do it soon.....


Albert Hadley


Country Living



Shannon Bower

Diamond and Baratta

Diamond and Baratta

Diamond and Baratta

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Posh Kids Rooms

When I came upon this site the other day, I immediately recognized the nursery for Mariah Carey's twins which I had seen at the time of their birth about a year ago.  I thought it was gorgeous then and still do.

It's such a pretty nursery and struck me as just Mariah's style.  She usually has Mario Buatta decorate her homes, but in this case Art for Kids designed her space.  They certainly have mastered the art of high end kids rooms and all of the following images are via their website.  

Bluebird cribs

Flower basket cribs

Twin Cherubini Room


Hollywood Glam girl's room

The Barbie prints are a nice touch 

Trundle bed

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Morning Blues

Good morning all,

As you know, I've just had a week off.  I wish I could tell you that I'm back full of vim and vigor and revitalized, but sadly I have to tell you I've just been through a wretched week.

We had come to the conclusion last weekend that we would have to have our beloved big brown boy, Coco, put to rest last week, so I wanted to spend his last days completely with him.

At the age of 17, he had become very tired and was having great difficulty walking with his hip dysplasia, couldn't see very well and couldn't hear at all.  Despite all that, we was still very enthusiastic about his daily walks (even if I had to carry him up the stairs from the street to our house when we returned home and at 50 lbs., it was no easy feat but something I was happy to do).  He still had a great appetite and was always ready for a treat and a visit with anyone.

On Thursday, our wonderful vet and her assistant came to our house and she was able to tranquilize Coco first with a quick injection in his back (which he didn't feel), so he didn't have to struggle having his leg shaved and getting the injection in a vein. Once he was totally relaxed, the vet was able to give him the leg injection and he didn't even feel it or know it was happening. It was the most peaceful and serene euthanasia I've seen (trust me, I know, as Coco was our third dog to be euthanized in the last 4 years).  The other two had become ill suddenly at different times and had to be taken to the vet's office, where we went through the leg injection and it seemed so quick, stressful and sudden, I couldn't bear to put Coco through that.  So Coco was able to be at home on his own little rug in our living room.  It was all we could ask for a little friend who deserved the very best.

Coco was a rescue dog, you see.  The first two years of his life were deplorable and he had sat in a kennel for two months at our local Humane Society after being found foraging in a ditch for food, half starved and afraid of everyone and everything.  He was in very dire straits when our daughter adopted him in 1997 and he came to live with us.  And never again was he forced into a kennel.  We've had dog sitters come to our house for the last 15 years to look after our dogs if we had to be away.  After being at the Humane Society for so long, Coco was always afraid of big buildings......I soon learned he would just put his brakes on and stop dead in the street if I attempted to take him into a large building.  So, we just didn't do that.

Once he became part of our family, he learned very quickly to trust again and he became a dog owner's dream companion.  He loved everyone and everyone loved him.  I can't tell you how many people in town got to know Coco as we walked the boardwalk every single day.  And most everyone stopped to greet him.  Even other dogs loved him and would always run to greet him.  He had a sweet face and a sweeter disposition.  He was the same, day in and day out, never wavering in his quiet demeanor and devotion.

As years passed, and his face became whiter and whiter, he became the little old man of the neighborhood dogs (there are 13 dogs in 9 houses in our neighborhood), so we are a dog loving group of people.

And the only time in the 15 years we had him that he barked was in the summertime, when visiting tourists would drive by our house in Old Charlottetown in a horse drawn buggy.........Coco loved those horses and would hear them coming long before anyone else in the neighborhood.  He would come racing down the stairs barking, through the dining room, through the kitchen and out his doggie door and around the house and be at our front picket fence in time to see the horse go by and would bark happily until the horse was long out of sight.  One day, I was sitting in our living room as the horse and carriage came down the street and I heard the tour guide say, "and in this house on the hill lives Coco" - and everyone in the carriage looked up, waved and said hello to Coco - who replied by madly wagging his tail and barking some more.  Coco had become part of the sightseeing tour and was a regular attraction until he lost his hearing two years ago and then there was silence when the horse came by.

I could go on about Coco, but you get the picture.  All I can say is that it was a very sad day last week when he was put to rest.  Even the neighbors were in tears.  We were devastated.  But so grateful that we had the good fortune of being his caretakers and knowing that we were able to restore his faith in man........and provide him with a most wonderful life and in return, receive the kind of love, devotion and affection only a dog can give.

RIP Sweet Coco
1995 - April 12, 2012

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter Bouquets

Good morning, Everyone!

Need some ideas for your Easter florals?  Well, here are a few from the very best - Martha Stewart!

Enjoy and Happy Easter to you all!

Garden roses in champagne flutes

Button filled vase

Calla lilies

Egg cup arrangements - love it!

Egg shell arrangements!

Compote dish

Wonderful lilacs!

Mint julep cups on cakestand

Lilly Pulitzer arrangement

All images via Martha Stewart

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Decorating with Red

Red!  The color of passion, fire, power, stimulation, energy and romance!

Unlike most colors in a palette, red evokes emotions.  What other color can you think of that can bring out so many different responses or describe so many situations,  such as a 'red hot' romance celebrated with red roses, a scarlet woman, 'red carpet treatment' just to name a few.

When a woman wears a red dress, she is noticed and remembered, just as a man will wear a red tie to standout and exude a semblance of power.  Red indicates danger and is the color of fire...... is used on fire engines, stop signs and, of course, red lights.

In decorating, just as blue is calming and green is serene, red is stimulating.  Whether to use a lot of red in a room, or just a splash of it here and there, can be determined by the use of the room, as well as the personality and emotional wellbeing of the homeowner. 

This color not only stimulates our appetites, but our emotions, in which case if you feel you need a lift or want stimulation, then by all means, use red.  If you feel your life is already in overdrive and you want to relax when you get home, red would definitely not be your first choice of color.

I'm sure you've heard before that restaurants often use red to stimulate their diners appetites....well, that's true. And I have heard 'never use red in a bedroom or you'll never be able to unwind!' and whatever you do, never use red in a nursery or kid's room if you want a calm and happy child!

Having said all that, take a look at the rooms below and see how many red bedrooms there are.  As stimulating as they may be, they are also warm, cosy and welcoming.  

Some of the world's greatest artists, designers and decorators use red with abandon - just another indication of their passion for life and living!  From rustic to regal, it's a knockout!


Carolina Herrera's daughter in family living room

Traditional Home

BHG Cottage bunks

Cath Kidston's kitchen, London

Charles Faudree's living room

A Charlotte Moss guest room

A Tom Scheerer bedroom

Framed fabric BHG

Galen Weston's Florida home

Katrin Cargill design

Gingham and toile bedroom Toby West

Red vignette

Katrin Cargill design

Lynn von Kersting dining room

Michael Smith design

Red frames Tumblr

Mary MacDonald living room

Real Simple

Sue Ellen Gregory

Carolyne Roehm vignette

Carolyne Roehm