Thursday, February 09, 2012

Red and White Quilt Heaven

In honor of Valentine's Day, I am re-publishing one of my earlier posts on this exhibition of red and white quilts that was held in New York city last year.

After a decades long passion for quilt collecting, 80 year old Joanna Rose wanted to share her 651 red and white quilts with the public and, with the help of the American Folk Art Museum of NYC, had a temporary 6 day show which appeared to be absolutely stunning........and I missed it by one week!

Here it is again for all of you to enjoy!

All images via American Folk Art Museum, NYC

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pink Guest House of Martha Stewart

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought I would feature some pinks and reds in the coming days.

I wondered how many of you have seen Martha Stewart's pink guest house at her Skylands estate on Seal Island off the coast of Maine.

Martha purchased this estate about 10 years ago and it came completely furnished.  Since it had formerly been owned by the Edsel Ford family (that's right, Henry's son), you can only imagine what treasures it beheld.  The vintage wicker itself is to die for.  The laundry room in the main house is unlike any laundry room I have ever seen (I will show you that after Valentine's).  Not only were the linens and china from all over the world left behind, but an original Edsel car was still parked in the new, of course.

Martha has worked her magic on the estate bringing it right up to snuff.  The mile long crushed pink granite driveway is raked, washed and stored every winter and laid again every spring!  The main house has pink granite fireplaces, as well.

So, in keeping with the pink tones already installed in the guest house, Martha worked with it and embellished it as only she can.  Pure decadence!


Pink dining area

Pink and gold is always perfect!

Pink porcelain tea service
Pink and gold Venetian canal art commissioned
by Martha

Venetian glass candleholders

Vintage wicker - gorgeous!
Mismatched pieces were spray painted gray to co-ordinate

Pink linens

Bedroom corner

Bedroom wicker desk

Pink Venetian mirror picked up
at an antique shop to go in the pink bathroom
with the original pink glazed tiles

Pink bath with pink embroidered hand towels

All images via Martha Stewart

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ali Wentworth

Anyone who watched The View or Good Morning America this morning would have seen Ali Wentworth and her antics.

She is truly one of the funniest people ever and I always enjoy her sentiments.  Last night, I was browsing through the current issue of Town & Country when I came upon an article written by her about her mother, Muffie, who served as Nancy Reagan's social secretary during Nancy's White House years.  Muffie sounds like quite the character, as well, and apparently thinks very highly of the Four Seasons in New York as the balm for everything and anything that ever happened to them - good, bad or indifferent!

Ali is promoting her new book, Ali in Wonderland, which also sounds pretty funny.

Ali and her husband, George Stephanopolous of ABC, have their New York apartment featured in the current issue of Architectural Digest (the celebrity issue) and I thought you might like to take a peek at it.

Michael Smith, the White House decorator, is the designer of this apartment as well......a beautiful home for a family with two young girls and two dogs.......pretty, functional and cosy with low maintenance materials (like the leather upholstered dining rooms chairs and leather banquette), a huge bulletin board for the girls' artwork, library, desk overlooking Central Park.......something for everyone in the family to enjoy!


Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Breakfast nook with Charlie and Daisy



Master bedroom

All images via Architectural Digest

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quilt Decor

As mentioned yesterday, here are several ideas for displaying your beloved quilts......all are beautiful and it doesn't matter if you have a quilted pillow or you are a collector of many full sized quilts......put them out there for all to enjoy!

Drapes - Wendy Valliere



On walls


On chairs

More upholstery

Draped over an ottoman

Another quilt on an ottoman
(Mary Douglas Drysdale)

In baskets


Over chairs
(Have loved this room by Justine Cushing since I
first laid eyes on it years ago!)

And on bannisters!

Image 1 Lux Interior Designs, Image 2 BHG,
Image 3 Pinterest (southernsavvygirl), Images 4, 9 & 13 Traditional Home
Image 5 Judi Boisson, Image 6 Unknown,
Image 7 Diamond & Baratta, Image 8 BHG,
Images 10 & 11 Victoria, Image 12 House Beautiful

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quilt Comfort

What could be more comforting than a warm quilt during these long, cold days of winter? 

Except for Image 2, all of these quilts have shades of pink and red - two of the warmest colors in the palette! 

In any color, though, a quilt often offers more than just comfort - if vintage, they could very well be a treasure inherited through the family, perhaps lovingly quilted by a mother, aunt or grandmother which also offers memories of another time and place.

Sometimes, quilts are used for decorative purposes only and hung on walls or draped across furniture and used for furniture upholstery, for effect. 

Whether used for comfort, color, effect or as a collection, a quilt in any room adds a certain sense of charm and hominess!

Tomorrow, I will offer ways of decorating with quilts!


Click on each image for larger detail

Image 1 Veranda, Image 2 100 Ideas, Images 3 & 5 Bedroom & Bath
Image 4 (Betsy Speert) & 7 Traditional Home, Image 6 Better Homes & Gardens
Image 8 BHG, Image 9 Bedroom and Bath

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When My Baby Dreams

I saw Adele Enersen being interviewed on The Today Show this morning and fell in love with her creativity.

Now expecting her second child, this very artistic Finnish mother said she missed her baby Mila so much when she was sleeping, she began watching her and moving items of clothing around her as she slept to create small scenes.  Using old socks, sweaters, scarves, books, flowers and whatever else she can put her hands on around the house, she comes up with the most charming scenes. 

Her first book, When My Baby Dreams, has just been published this month and she is already working on a second book.



Cotton candy
Tree trunks are husband's socks!

Elephant (old blue cardigan)
Love it!

She loves me, loves me not

Surfer girl

Up and away
Images 1 - 5 Time magazine
Image 6 Amazon