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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Passion for Pink!

Anyone who knows me, knows my passion for pink!  A somewhat controversial color, but I've always been inclined to it - notice the background color on my blog!

Some people seem to think it's too girly, or too much fluff......or whatever, but at the same time, it offers comfort, softness and calmness. 

We know that soft pink lighting in a room creates a relaxing feeling and that soft pink lighting at a dressing table softens one's features.  Soft pink in a bedroom offers calm and serenity and what could be more beautiful than an arrangement of soft pink flowers.....the final touch to any color room as it is so neutral!  Sometimes, just a pink accent will soften a look.

Pink with gold accents....gorgeous!  And pink, green and all time favorite color combination....just cannot go wrong with that one!

Here are a few of my favorite images.....including a touch of whimsy!

Diamond and Baratta

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Architectural Digest

House Beautiful

Country Living

Penlope Bianchi's home

Mario Buatto via Architectural Digest

Ruthie Sommers - House Beautiful

Kristine Kasheta

Lynn von Kersting
(Watch for a feature on this amazing decorator soon!)
Pink Art

Will Ryman's 8' rose sculptures, NYC
(Will see this in NYC next week)

Whimsical dining room - Traditional Home

Annie Selke
(will do a feature on her soon)

Pink tongue - too cute!

P. S.  Even Oprah is wearing pink today - on her last show!