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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Annie Selke's Homes - Part 2

Hi again!

So, here we are with the rest of Annie Selke's story.

After her divorce and sale of her large Victorian home that we saw last week, Annie decided to move to Lenox, Massachusetts, so she could be closer to her aging mother.  With a small, mid-century ranch style house for sale just down the street from her mother, she decided to buy it, and along with the help of an architect, completely renovated the home inside and out.

I am just posting a few photos of this house, but you can see more by clicking below the pictures.  And, if you would like to see other rooms in the house, just google Annie Selke House Beautiful, as the renovation was documented over several issues in 2010.

To see more of the exterior makeover, click Ranch exterior makeover here


To see more of the kitchen makeover, click Kitchen makeover here

To see more of the bedroom, click Bedroom makeover here

Basement before

To see more of the basement makeover, click Basement makeover here

Finally, the reno was completed and Annie was settling in nicely with her beloved dogs, when her mother suddenly passed away unexpectedly.

Annie with Googie, Impy and Emmett

It was then that Annie decided to sell her small ranch style home and takeover where her mother left off.  So, she moved up the street and into her mother's home........more to protect all the work her mother had put into her gardens than for any other reason.  She couldn't bear the thought of the gardens possibly being lost.

And another makeover began, which you will see below.

Perhaps this is where Annie finally belongs.......back in the home of her mother....full circle.

Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Master bedroom

Guest room

Other end of guest room

Second guest room

Second guest room

Overlooking beautiful gardens

Lonny and Berkshire Magazine