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Friday, October 21, 2011

Loving the Art of Jeremiah Goodman

I discovered the art of Jeremiah Goodman some years ago in a Veranda magazine.  This was long before I had a blog, but I had the good sense to tear out the pages and save them for future reference.  I'm not sure what I planned to do with them at the time, other than be mesmerized by the wonder of his work.

As an interior decorator, it's true I am more than a little interested in 'interiors', but it wasn't just the subject of these watercolors that caught my attention, it was the creative expression Jeremiah was able to render on a piece of paper!

And to be so masterful with a paint brush!!  At the time of the article in the magazine, Veranda's Adam Lewis described this artist as 'America's Master Interiors Illustrator'.  Far be it for me to argue with that......because it's true.

Mr. Goodman was born in upstate New York in 1922 and is currently living in Manhattan, and still painting! He even has his own facebook page, which I just discovered today.  I also found out today that he offered a painting workshop at The Parsons School of Design, from which he graduated many years ago, in the not too distant past.

Kudos to Jeremiah Goodman for continuing to enjoy a most remarkable life interpreting the interiors of some of the world's most famous celebrities of his day.  And thank you for such a wonderful legacy of art you have bestowed upon us for future reference and inspiration!

This is a very small sampling of his portfolio and his signature is recognizable simply as 'Jeremiah'.  Also, his limited edition prints are available at

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Elsa Peretti's bedroom in Spain

Elsa Peretti's living room in Spain

Famed celebrity photographer Cecil Beaton's
sun room, England, which inspired a scene
in the film My Fair Lady

Jeremiah's rendition of Veranda cover above

Jeremiah's rendition of Veranda cover above

Actress Greta Garbo's New York living room

Actor John Gielgud's English sitting room

Images 1 - 7 Veranda
Images 8 & 9 Dean Rhys Morgan