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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

French Country Cottage Charm in California

I've loved this 1930s, 1600 sq. ft. Montecito cottage ever since I first laid eyes on it.

Homeowner, Lee Kirch, a Colorado resident, uses this cottage as her second home.

Lee has been an avid antique collector and French country enthusiast for many years.  It's clear she has given a lot of thought to her interior designs and picks up most of her antiques locally at Rue de Lillie in Summerland, which is owned by her good friend, Ruth Ann Risvold.  (Tomorrow, I will show you Ruth Ann's cottage).

This cottage may be small by some standards, but it packs a real whollop in the style department.

For instance, in the living room the walls, sofa and artwork are quite neutral, but Lee has personalized and added warmth with her mix of fabrics.....mostly reds....with a dash of yellow in one of the living room windows.  As Lee says, "Every room needs a touch of yellow" and I agree.  The chairs with the turquoise legs were found at Indigo Seas, Lynn von Kersting's shop.

The dining room has an eclectic choice of fabrics as well......with mix and match fabrics at the windows and on each of the chairs.....another way to keep the eye moving around the room and add interest.

And how can one go wrong with the toiles and quilts in the bedroom and seashells in the bath?  You can't!

Hope you enjoy this home as much as I do!

All images via Country Living