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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Colette van den Thillart's Toronto Home

Here we are again..........from the pages of Traditional Home, we can see Colette's home in Rosedale, Toronto.

Colette has moved home (she grew up in Toronto) from London to run Nicky Haslam design in Toronto, where they now have a shop in Canada for the first time.  They also have their new fabric line, Random Harvest, and as you will see in the photos below and hear Colette on the video, she loves to mix old and new, unusual color schemes and sometimes allows the rooms to fall into place naturally.....letting the rooms speak for themselves.

I also understand that Colette has been working on a getaway for her family in Barbados.  I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this home and video and I have a feeling, keeping up with Colette is going to keep us all busy!


Love this kitchen!!!


Notice her use of an oversized lantern.  Casual dining area off the kitchen within family room.

The lilac colored bedroom is very calming.


Guest room.

Gorgeous zinc tub brought over from England.

Family room.

OK!  Now, I find that the above photos were from her home last year and she has moved again since then.  I obviously have some catching up to do!!

The photos below are from her new Rosedale home in Toronto which is a 1920's ivy-covered neo Georgian home.  The last picture here shows Colette standing in front of this home with the gorgeous umbrella.

Love her teenage, fashion loving daughter's headboard!

To see more of this European inspired home, see the video below.

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