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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy 90th Birthday to Queen Elizabeth

What a magical life Queen Elizabeth has lived!  Most of us couldn't even imagine what she's been through - 90 years of a royal life with ups and downs, high dramas and low, a fire at one of her castles, deaths of loved ones, divorces of her children, scandals, matters of state and what have you, but she has come through it all with her quiet, steady demeanor, great health and sense of humor, grace and style.  

I'd like to take a look at some of her iconic day style throughout the years and later her night style.

Her day style, as you will see, was notable for two things - hats and pearls.  I'd loved to see her hat collection and find out how she stores them all and saves them for posterity.

For all she's been through, she looks genuinely happy here and has managed to enjoy the life she was born into.  Not always an easy proposition, I'm sure.

Remember these feathered hats from the 60s?  I had a similar one with feathers on a headband.

A feather in her cap!

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret


And at night the diamonds and jewels come out!

One of the many Normal Hartnell sketches of the Queen's Coronation gown.

Coronation Dress by Norman Hartnell

Norman Hartnell

Norman Hartnell's beaded gown for the Queen's U.S. visit with President Eisenhower

Norman Hartnell's gown for Princess Margaret's wedding.

In honor of the Queen's 90th birthday, a new exhibition of her iconic hats and fashions of the past 90 years will open today at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, followed by shows at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle later in the year.  

I would love to see the detail on some of her gowns and those fabulous hats!.....that would be about as close to couture designs as I will ever see.  Although I saw Princess Grace's fashion exhibition at the Victoria & Albert a few years ago and it was fabulous to see these items up close.....and I saw Nan Kempner's fashions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art some years ago......the only times I have seen couture, I'm wrong....I also saw Charles James' gowns at the Met two years ago..........incredible art!