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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oprah's Santa Barbara Guest House

I saw Oprah's estate in her own magazine a few years ago and have never forgotten it's jaw dropping beauty.  Yes, she paid $50 million dollars for it (and that was before the decorating)!  And yes, she has her own tea house!   And a flower garden with 'hundreds of rose bushes, thousands of hydrangeas and a sea of dahlias!'

But, it was the guest house interiors that were featured that day that left me wanting to move in there.....she can enjoy the 'big' house, but who would want to leave the guest house?  Would you?

And guess who her decorators were?  Her hairdresser and his partner......who were wannabe decorators!  I'd say they are pretty good at decorating, wouldn't you?  Of course, when it comes to decorating, money talks.....sometimes!  In this case, it helped.......along with a lot of great taste!

Hope you enjoy!  I'll do her Hawaiian property another day!

Oprah's Santa Barbara Estate

Guest House Living Room Fireplace

Dining Room
(Collection of art by a single artist)

Dining Room

Library Fireplace

Library opposite fireplace
(Notice the African American doll in pride of place)

(This den was designed around the large Lincoln penny)

Den Fireplace

(Green (serene) study designed around painting of black lab above sofa)

Guest House Master Bedroom
(Lavender for optimum relaxation)

Master Bedroom Fireplace

Tea House - Oprah's Sanctuary
(Surrounded by thousands of roses, hydrangeas and dahlias)

Tea House

Tea House

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