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Friday, June 28, 2013

Royal Baby Nursery Designs

For those of you who may be interested in the upcoming birth of the new royal baby, there has been lots of discussion about what the nursery will be like.

Here are a few ideas I came upon recently.

The first image by Goy Goodfellow Ltd. depicts what a classic palace nursery might look like.

I like the large windows, wall murals, large armoire, rocking horse and tent...........I would remove the piano (!) (a piano in the nursery?).......replace the crib with something more traditional, remove the large table and 4 chairs in the corner and replace them with a comfy settee.  The nursing chair and the child's table and would be more traditional, as well............similar to the nursing chair, ottoman and child's table and chairs in my own Pink Nursery Moodboard from back in March.

Classic Nursery Style
Goy Goodfellow Ltd.

Image 2 by Christopher Chanond is the same room with the 3 large windows, as above.

I like the air balloon lights for a child's room, but not necessarily for a palace nursery.  The balloon chair would work as a nursing chair, but perhaps not the most comfortable.  And a nursing chair really should have an ottoman, don't you think?  And the rocking horse would work.

While these ideas are simply what a royal nursery might look like, I really can't imagine Kate and William with such contemporary chairs, wooden coffee table and glass play castle.......

I'm not sure what the large item on the left armoire?

Contemporary Nursery Style
Christopher Chanond

The following sketches by Oliver Burns Interiors are very interesting and look more regal for a palace nursery..........very traditional, English country ideas and much more suitable for a British royal nursery.

In image 1, I like the large, gorgeous chandelier, the fireplace and mirror, the Beatrix Potter art, the canopied crib and light sconces, the area rug under the crib, the striped wall inserts, the toile wallpaper and the rich, detailed architectural details.

The rocking horse is a must in royal nurseries and that tradition goes way back.

In image 2 looking on from the other side of the room, you can see the nursing corner with comfortable chairs, ottoman, reading light and a plush toy on the floor........perfect for a new mother and baby!

Image 3 shows the nursing corner face on and shows a rogues gallery of family photos to personalize the room.......a perfect royal nursery in soft, pastel colors for a serene environment!

Oliver Burns Designs