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Thursday, October 22, 2015

TBT - A Romantic Retreat

I'm thinking I may start a regular post on Throwback Thursday (TBT).

About 20 years ago, I started my 'tearout' phase where I would tearout of my own magazines anything that 'caught my attention', such as the romantic bedroom shown below.  I figure I have enough material to keep me going for awhile.  Who knows, I may even have Fallback Friday - and they could be wordless or very wordy.......depending on how my week is going.

I hope you enjoy these pleasures from the past.........if nothing else, they will be fun to look at.

This particular room was the fourth floor of a Manhattan townhouse decorated by Judy Mashburn of Laura Ashley with Laura Ashley's 'Winter Lily' fabrics.

It's as timeless today as it was then in 1994.  Simply stunning.

I just noticed the 'table for two' at the foot of the bed which Mashburn imagined 'as the perfect spot for sharing an intimate en suite supper with someone special'.  How perfect!

I went to Judy Mashburn's site to get these two clearer pictures.

Coordinating ensuite bath.