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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Odds and Sods

I have a few odds and sods to comment on today......just a few items from the news that I found interesting and/or whimsical.

I picked up Victoria magazine last week and was pleased to see a 7-page spread on our beautiful Prince Edward Island.......the land of Anne of Green Gables.  Some beautiful island photos and some great shots of downtown Charlottetown.  Check out the May/June 2016 issue if you get a chance.  A number of the pictures were taken in our neighbourhood in Old Charlottetown.

The last two pictures on Page 29 are of our neighbourhood museum, Beaconsfield Historic House and it's gardens.  That's where I walk by every day to the boardwalk with little Ruby, our dog.  (I notice it's referred to as "Beaconsville", but it's "Beaconsfield" if anyone is interested in googling it.

A great article and beautiful pics.

Anne of Green Gables

This picture below had to be the most reported on image of the past weekend.   It even made the World News!  As it should!  

There was little Prince George in his monogrammed housecoat, gingham pyjamas and navy blue slippers with airplanes on them being kept up 15 minutes past his bedtime so he could meet and shake hands with the President of the United States.  This photo op will go down in history.  And for the retailers of above-mentioned housecoat, it will go down in history for quite another reason altogether.

My 1ST Years co-founders Daniel Price and Jonny Sitton finally got a break with this royal gift they sent to George as a big brother gift when Charlotte was born.  Having been in the business for six years and with a small advertising budget, they sometimes send gifts to new celebrity parents as a means of advertising.  When George appeared in the gingham-trimmed robe, the retailers hit the jackpot.  Within 7 minutes, they were completely sold out, but are now taking pre-orders.  You can check their website here.  

This is so adorable and Prince William couldn't look any prouder.  What a memorable moment!
Pete Souza Photography

While we're at Kensington Palace, I have to tell you I was very excited to finally see William and Kate's much talked about renovated apartment.

It was described as a very English Country, uppercrust style.....certainly not palatial as you would find in some of the palaces.

Very down to earth and child friendly with lucite tables and a soft upholstered ottoman.

Love this comfy looking white sofa with blue and white cushion piping and blue and white trim around the bottom of the sofa.  Lots of soft lighting, fresh flowers, family photos, books, pleated lamp shades and a couple of historical paintings.  So English country!  A touch of chintz there, as well.

I do think those hard windowseats could use some seat cushions, though.  Nice thick ones for George and Charlotte to curl up on and read in the sunlight!

Then, there was this rescue dog story with a very happy ending.  

Vincent, the rescued English Bulldog, was only adopted in February and was entered into the annual Drake University Most Beautiful Bulldog contest last week by his proud new owners.

And he won!!  

Vincent is still licking his lips over this one........after all, it's not every day a not-too-long-ago homeless dog gets voted as the Most Beautiful Bulldog, and more importantly, gets to go home with his new and loving family.

Sweet Vincent

That's all for now!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!