Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chic Potting Shed

This 600 sq. ft. glass walled potting shed is described as a 'chic shed'.  Since it's owned by Georgia garden designer, Suzanne Hudson, it could be called a 'chic she shed', as this is where Suzanne loves to putter, pot and prune.

On rainy days, she loves to just curl up and peruse her gardening books.  And with comfy wicker chairs, a table for two, mood lighting and pretty vignettes everywhere, it's also a perfect place to entertain her friends for a visit and a glass of wine.

For three years, Suzanne gathered and collected 139 old windows and five sets of french doors.  She also designed the shed herself, personally planning which window would go where.  

Using Benjamin Moore's 'Tarrytown Green' paint pulled it all together and allows it to blend beautifully into the surrounding space.

What a very creative lady and fabulous backyard getaway!

Salvaged door turned into trumeau mirror.

These oil lamps, along with hanging lanterns, turn the shed into a magical space at night.
It must be simply dreamy with the night lights!

House Beautiful

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