Thursday, January 07, 2016

TBT - Lynn von Kersting

It's been a while since we've seen any new designs by Lynn von Kersting........she was everywhere about ten years ago and is still popular on Pinterest.

I happened to have Diedre Hall's studio dressing room by Lynn and it has all the hallmarks of a von Kersting design - a mix of wonderful fabrics (chintz, gingham, silk, small checks), books, fresh flowers, botanical wall art, seashells, many, many colors combined beautifully and a dash of antiques and pop art.

In this small room alone, I see green walls along with accent colors of red, yellow, mauve, blue, pink, turquoise, navy blue, red and white stripe and leopard print.

If one was talking about putting all those colors together in one small room, we would think it would never work!  But with Lynn von Kersting, it works every time.

Loved her signature look then and still do!

Decorating Magazine 2006

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  1. Love the small botanicals framed around the mirror...