Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Conversational Quartets

Hi there,

Here's a trend that has been around for some time now and seems to be growing.  A conversation area consisting of 4 chairs in a circle. Sometimes there's an ottoman in the middle, a low coffee table, a tall (tea) table or nothing in the middle - perhaps small side tables or garden stools instead.

I prefer the ottoman in the middle (to elevate your legs and provide comfort while alone and reading) with two small tables situated between each of a pair of chairs (to provide functional table space for drinks, etc. while entertaining, as in the last photo below.  I also like the reading lamps in that photo.....because I love to read!!). The tall table also functions well for entertaining as do the garden stools, and the stools could be moved around or into the centre of the circle, as needed.  

So, all would work and all would look good and function for entertaining - what look would you choose?  Something to think about!


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Traditional Home



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  1. Hello from Minnesota...I have discovered your blog just recently and have so enjoyed visiting your
    archives as well as your current posts. I must say that Conversational Quartets has been a feast
    for the eyes.

    1. Thank you, Alice! Great to hear you are enjoying the blog and especially enjoyed the chairs idea. I really appreciate you taking the time to drop a note. Have a wonderful day in Minnesota!

  2. Love the idea and am considering this to a sofa when I redecorate my home into retirement home. It is just so much easier to push out of a chair as we golden girls meet!

    1. It does my heart good to hear you were 'inspired' by one of my posts and I know you would enjoy the chairs while alone or with company.......they really work so well in any space - small or large. And you are so right - they are so much easier for 'we golden girls' to get out of!! Too cute! Have a great day and thank you for dropping by!