Thursday, November 12, 2015

TBT - Now and Then with Toby West

Good morning, Everyone!

I can hardly believe it's Thursday again.......seems like it was just yesterday.

I have a real treat for you today.  How many of you remember Toby West?

Toby West is a southern interior designer whose work was published in many magazines during the past twenty years or so.  However, in recent years he seemed to have disappeared from the media.  I tried to find out more about him a few months ago and discovered he had opened (and since closed) an antique shop in Cashiers, NC.

I had a few of his homes from some old issues of Veranda magazines that I wanted to share with you.  I picked one, at random, off my shelf last night and there was a Toby West home in it.  Later, as I was catching up on some of my usual blogs, I found his current home in Cashiers on 'A Ribbon in my Journal'..........a blog by Phyllis Hoffman who happens to be the publisher of Southern Home magazine, Victoria magazine and others.  So, Toby's current cabin is in the latest issue of Southern Home which is on the stands now.

I absolutely love his cabin in the mountains of Cashiers.  His warm red interiors (I'm a red lover, too) are so homey and inviting.


Apparently, Toby designed a number of interiors in Seaside and Watercolor, Florida over the years. So, in the past, his look had softer, coastal colors - but always a very traditional and comfortable vibe. 

So, here we have his cabin in the mountains and a cottage in Florida.



Which would you choose - cabin or cottage?  Let me know!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yup, I could live in the log cabin...or the cottage...maybe one house for winter and one for summer...that's the ticket! Gorgeous and livable!

  2. Wouldn't that be the perfect solution!! I feel the same way!!

  3. Love the soothing and relaxing vibe of the cottage by the sea, but the cabin in the mountains is just brilliant to me. What could have been a dark and depressing space just popped into life with the beautiful bright colors, cozy furnishings and juxtaposition of rustic and refined interiors. Love it!

    1. I know! It's caused a whole new obsession with me for for some more cabins coming up soon! Have a great day!