Friday, May 03, 2013

London's Royal Baby Nursery

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I wasn't planning another post today, but I came upon a news article that I wanted to share......

Since I recently posted about royal baby nurseries, I found this article interesting and since this idea is the first of its kind in London, it may be of interest to travellers, as well as new moms or just about anyone who enjoys decorating!!

According to the Daily Mail, Dragons of Walton Street (remember them?) - the purveyors of charming kids decor who have decorated many royal nurseries in the past, have teamed up with the historic Grosvenor House Hotel in London to provide a first of its kind suite, known as 'Suite Dreams', to include a baby nursery fit for royalty.  All this, of course, in anticipation of the new royal baby due to arrive in July.

The suite has been fitted with 1920s nursery style furniture in keeping with the existing traditional decor at the Grosvenor.  The hotel has been associated with royal guests since the 1920s.

Dragon's has the copyright to use Beatrix Potter designs and has incorporated them into the decor.  The child's table is hand painted with local London attractions and the Grosvenor House monogram is on the child's armoire.

The suite will be available starting in June.  Oh yes, the suite overlooks Hyde Park and is not for the fainthearted..........a 3 night stay for the Buckingham package is £6,270!


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Dragon's of Walton Street, Grosvenor Hotel, London
Daily Mail

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