Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Designer Baths

Thinking about bathrooms these days and particularly those by top designers.  There are so many beautiful bathrooms designed by architects, designers and everyday homeowners.  Big and small, full baths and powder rooms, the creative results are endless and inspiring.  But today, I am featuring bathrooms by well known designers.

Often, we'll see whole house layouts in magazines and very often, the layouts do not include the bathrooms in the house.  Case in point, Mario Buatta bathrooms!  In all of his published homes, I've only ever seen one of his bathrooms that I can remember and I will start with his.  Do you know of more Mario Buatta baths?  Would love to see them!

Here are a few bits of eye candy for you to enjoy today.............

Have a great day!

Mario Buatta in Sister Parish's former NY apartment

Anthony Baratta 
Images 2 - 6

Charlotte Moss 
Images 7 - 9 

Kirsten Kelli
Carolyne Roehm 

Tucker and Marks

Charles Faudree

Bunny Williams

Nicky Haslam
Above 2 images

Carrie Hayden

Penelope Bianchi

Betty Lou Phillips

Betty Lou Phillips

Betty Lou Phillips

Pamela Pierce

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