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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beautiful Painted Headboards

Just love painted headboards and these are especially pretty!

Image 1 MacKenzie-Childs, Image 2 Catalog Living
Image 3 Unknown, Image 4 Charles Faudree
Image 5 via The Enchanted Home
Images 6 & 7 Betsy Speert

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quilt Comfort

What could be more comforting than a warm quilt during these long, cold days of winter? 

Except for Image 2, all of these quilts have shades of pink and red - two of the warmest colors in the palette! 

In any color, though, a quilt often offers more than just comfort - if vintage, they could very well be a treasure inherited through the family, perhaps lovingly quilted by a mother, aunt or grandmother which also offers memories of another time and place.

Sometimes, quilts are used for decorative purposes only and hung on walls or draped across furniture and used for furniture upholstery, for effect. 

Whether used for comfort, color, effect or as a collection, a quilt in any room adds a certain sense of charm and hominess!

Tomorrow, I will offer ways of decorating with quilts!


Click on each image for larger detail

Image 1 Veranda, Image 2 100 Ideas, Images 3 & 5 Bedroom & Bath
Image 4 (Betsy Speert) & 7 Traditional Home, Image 6 Better Homes & Gardens
Image 8 BHG, Image 9 Bedroom and Bath